With the explosion of the digital economy, more and more people are wondering how to become a digital entrepreneur, it’s no less, this is a segment that keeps growing and seems to have no limits for this expansion.

Every day new online business and reports are appearing to show the growth of this sector. It is not surprising that the curiosity about online entrepreneurship is growing every day, because no one wants to stay out of this new economic wave.

Perhaps the first question you should ask yourself is not how to become a digital entrepreneur, but whether you have the profile that the market and work routine requires of an online entrepreneur.

I say that, not because becoming an Internet entrepreneur is something extremely difficult and complicated, but you have to have, as in other areas, a taste for work in this area.

Why do people want to know how to become a digital entrepreneur?

The answer to this curiosity can follow two lines of reasoning, the first, because it is in fashion and the media does not get tired of citing success stories. The second is that opportunities in the physical world are increasingly scarce and costly.

The big media loves to talk about the success cases, as well, but not a single line about the failure cases. Not everyone who invests in the online world ends up “rich and powerful” and not even that happens overnight.

Failure cases are many, but no one likes to talk about defeats, but rather about victories. This is even a mistake, because we learn a lot from failures. The lies about making money on the internet multiply out there and common sense is the best weapon to avoid them.

Is online entrepreneurship worth it? I personally believe so, because there isn’t currently a market as promising as digital, but it has its costs and quotas of sacrifice.

If you accept the rules of the game, your chances of success are very high, but if you come to this segment thinking that everything is easy, with a quick return and no investment … better look for another area, if there is another with these characteristics.

An increasingly competitive and costly physical world

You don’t have to go back many years in history. In the middle of the 9th century, setting up an oil company was not very difficult, it was enough to have a good field, like thousands in the United States and that was it! Instant millionaire!

Well, David Rockfeller showed that the hole was further down. Besides the initial investment in exploration, you would need a good processing and distribution system.

Standard Oil was born from this, and the name already showed the brand’s strength; a standard in fuel oil production, which ended up becoming one of the leading companies in the industry.

The virtual world is different. The volume of capital involved in setting up a business on the Internet is not always that great, and the growth rate is very high.

On the other hand, risks follow the “ease” curve of the business, but when this risk is calculated, properly dimensioned and technically equated, success is a matter of time, work and perseverance.

Accelerated growth

Imagine a company that presents a growth rate of 30% per year. This is no exception in .COM and quite the opposite, it is considered a normal rate.

If you have a good project, this is a growth rate, almost moral, when you have a committed team that puts on the shirt and participates in the real financial return. Don’t be fooled by the growth issue, as it sometimes sounds like another and ends up playing startups in the comfort zone, which is fatal in this business environment.

It is natural that in a first moment, a digital business presents an explosion in the growth rate, but to keep the pace you must always be innovating, surprising your customers and adding value to the business. Therefore, one of the tips on how to become a digital entrepreneur is: Always be reinventing yourself and surprising your audience not to lose your market. See here how to become a digital entrepreneur. The step by step to become a real digital entrepreneur.

Setting up an online business is for you?

Maybe you’ve walked away from this market because you’re horrified by programming, but I can tell you that understanding programming is not a fundamental condition to be successful in online business.

Bill Gates was no exponent of advanced programming when he launched Windows and yet he built a true empire based solely on his vision of the evolution of technology.

Zukerberg knows a lot about programming, but he’s a real failure in finance and marketing and he’s still one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the online universe.

Finally, Steve Jobs has never been able to get to a source code, but in return he has been able to understand the needs of the digital audience and has founded one of the largest technology companies in the world.

What do these guys have in common? Simple, they had a great vision of the future and surrounded themselves with skilled people with a will to win.

It’s not just about knowing how to become a digital entrepreneur, but having a technically skilled team to fill knowledge gaps that you eventually have.

What is the recipe for success?

If you want to know how to become a digital entrepreneur? I’ll give you another question: How can you add value to people’s everyday lives? This is the great secret of the most successful business on the web, to generate a solid value proposition that is easily recognized by the public.

That’s the answer I give to everyone who asks me how to make money on the internet; offer something innovative that helps people in some way. Forget these ready-made, miraculous formulas that some people spread around. The only ones who make money from it are the guys who sell it.

Also, to become a digital entrepreneur you need to know the tools available on the Internet to create your business, such as platforms and ancillary systems, and surround yourself with people who master those platforms and are not afraid or lazy to meet and explore new options.