Surely you’ve already received those emails from with some product offer. In digital marketing these e-mails are called e-mail marketing. When e-mail began to be used by people, receiving this type of message was considered spam or misleading advertising, but how to spend the years – and thanks to the evolution of marketing – it began to be used to improve the relationship between brand and customer.

The function of e-mail marketing is to bring personalized content to your leads and customers. Be it with product promotions, news, purchase suggestions and so many other options. The e-mail marketing can help in the dissemination of products and improve customer interaction with the brand.

For this, you need to have a lead base ready to start the e-mail. But what is it? The leads are future customers of your brand who have already given you email and complementary information. With this information you can segment the emails and offer what they want. (learn more about how to generate leads for your business)

If you still don’t have leads, create and offer some content that will be available for download on your site, and in exchange interested people leave the e-mail to access the content. If your brand is already active on social networks, you can also think of some campaign that arouses interest in people to register their emails.

With a good lead base you can already start your company’s first e-mail marketing campaign.

Types of Email Marketing

Welcome email

The welcome email works as a presentation. As much as the person already knows a little about your brand, it’s nice to make a nice presentation to get you excited for the next e-mail. A good option for this email may also be to offer some special discount as a “first purchase” coupon. This can make him even more interested in knowing your products and make his first purchase.

Product offer email

The promotional e-mail does not always refer to having promotions, but selections of products that may be of interest to the lead. This format is for your brand to offer a product to the lead and does not necessarily have to be with a promotional value. Generally, the products that are sent in promotional e-mails are those that most attract attention among the options.

Email with special messages

Your lead birthdays can be even more special if you know how to work. Offer a discount coupon or even a special toast.

Email content delivery

In addition to offering products, you also need to offer differentiated content for the leads. Think that if the lead offered your e-mail to know more about your brand, he does not want to see only products and promotions. He has taken the first step, now your brand needs to nurture you with relevant content.

Use this space to convince the lead that your brand is the best option to solve his need. And you can do this in several ways: work with a blog to talk about related subjects, produce content in videos, campaigns, exclusive gifts (example: calendar to print, wallpaper only for customers) and several other options.

What should e-mail marketing look like?

Every e-mail starts with the subject, elaborate a title that draws the lead’s attention to such a point that it makes him open it. Use words that generate interest and show credibility in the subject.

The text of the e-mail must be clear and objective, without unnecessary information! It’s important to intermediate text and images so it doesn’t look ugly. The email also can not only contain images, this makes it considered a spam and ends up not reaching its recipient.

Pay attention to the frequency of e-mail marketing

You, as a brand customer, wouldn’t like to receive email every day, right? So if you pay attention to the frequency. Having too many emails in your inbox makes people angry and unsatisfied.

Your business needs to have a frequency, but it shouldn’t be overly frequent. To understand your leads’ preference in this regard, you can keep evaluating the return of these emails in purchases as well as in unsubscriptions.

How to make email marketing happen

There are specific platforms and tools for email marketing work. You can program and configure the messages according to your needs and goals. If you don’t have anyone in your company to do this work, hire an email marketing agency to extract the best results from your campaigns.

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